Our Green Gift Guide


Do you walk the eco-friendly talk during the year, but during the giving season find it hard to stick to your values? Here are our 4 top tips for giving green…


1. Things that inspire SUSTAINABLE behaviours:

  • Nude food supplies – a groovy lunchbox, drink bottle, fabric food wrap, thermos or travel mug
  • A worm farm, compost or bokashi bin

2. Things that connect them to the ECO-MOVEMENT:

3. Things that inspire time in NATURE:

  • An experience in nature like a surfing lesson or guided mountain bike trip
  • Items that inspire activities outdoors – indigenous garden plants, hiking gear, or snorkel & mask

4. Things that extend their KNOWLEDGE:

From the Gould League family to you and yours, we wish you a happy, safe and green festive season and new year!

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