Kids Eco Spot

Welcome to the Gould League’s Kid Spot! Get active and have fun - explore the outdoors, activate your imagination and play on and offline with these activity pages and games or become part of 'The Gould Squad' by adopting sustainable practises at home. 

Activity Sheets


Print out colouring pages and other activities about plants, animals, sustainability and the environment.

  • Stick insect
  • Plant
  • Worm food
  • Recycling

Online Games

Learn about animals and how to protect for the environment with these online games.

Food web game

Discover the web of life through our online game including marine, Antarctic, Australian and African foodwebs. A favourite worldwide with tens of thousands of visitors every month!

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Family waste tracker


Help the family with their household waste, recycling and compost activities!
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The Gould Squad

As part of The Gould Squad, kids and their family members can explore and learn about simple ways to help protect the environment at home with these fact sheets and instruction guides. It’s the little things that help make a big difference! 

  • Planting to attract wildlife in your gardens
  • Recycled craft activity
  • Compost in a bottle