Legacy Sites

You’ve landed on this page because you were searching for one of our legacy initiatives or interactive websites that no longer exists in that form.

Here’s where they are at now

Sustainable Schools: has evolved into Sustainability Victoria’s ResourceSmart AuSSI Vic Framework. Find out how Gould League can support your school in relation to the ResourceSmart Framework

Futurescapes: was the first of it’s kind and many teachers still claim it’s the best interactive website out there! Unfortunately, it doesn’t run properly on modern web browsers and as such have been decommissioned.


Wildscapes: We’ve kept all of the information and factsheets which will be made available on our website shortly. We’ve applied for funding to build it new, so stay tuned.

Gould Sustainable Garden: we’ll have the fact sheets from this resource made available soon.

Sea for Yourself: based on your interest we can look to getting a volunteer to re-develop this site with information about various Victorian marine animals

Australian Wildlife Cams: we’ll have the fact sheets from this resource made available soon.

Why aren’t these sites available and how can I get them back?

These fully interactive websites offered creative and interesting ways for children and adults alike to learn more about our environment, and most were built with initial funding for construction but unfortunately we don’t have ongoing funding to continue to maintain and deliver these highly technical services. 

Please contact us if you have a specific burning desire for us to reinvigorate one of these resources and based on interest we will endeavor, where possible, to engage skilled volunteers and students to rebuild them in a modern platform.

Toolangi Excursions Announcement: Winter closure from 16th July to 10th August 2018