After more than 100 years, we think we do a pretty good job.  But don’t take our word for it - here’s just some of the recent great feedback we’ve received from teachers.

What teachers are saying about our excursions

“An interesting, informative, child centred presentation”
“Loved it!”
“Very informative and age appropriate”
“Very engaging and interesting”
“... children were happy and engaged. Lots of variety which kept the children (even the wriggly one!) interested”

What teachers are saying about our educators

“Very vibrant and enthusiastic”
“… had the children eating out of her hand - they loved her!”
“ … fabulous with the children”
“… a wonderful presenter. She was very kind, friendly, articulate and informative. She related extremely well to the children, managed the whole group well and they responded accordingly.”

What teachers are saying about our whole school programs

“All of our teachers were really happy with both the content and the delivery of the program today. The hands on activities were excellent for our students and all of the presenters were so understanding of their language needs. … We had a fantastic day and our teachers were really impressed with facility and also the resources available.”

What teachers are saying about our curriculum resources

“THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU!!! That is just what I have been looking for and is absolutely perfect!”