Forests, Making Connections

Excursion Program Overview

Forests have many values and uses and our daily behaviours can impact on forests. Forget worksheets and immerse yourself in Mountain Ash and Cool Temperate Rainforest, and see where our timber and paper products come from first hand with a visit to a logging coupe in Toolangi State Forest.


  • The importance of biodiversity
  • Differences between state forests and national parks and human use of public land
  • Humans impact on the forest environment from past to present
  • Why our forests are managed the way they are

What to bring: bus to accompany program


Science: Biological Sciences (7) and Earth & Space Science (7)

Geography: Geographical Knolwedge & Understanding (7-8)

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Program Details

Cost (per group): $495 + GST

Max # of Groups (group max. 30): 3

Possible Start Times: 9.45am

Grade Level: Year 7, Year 8

Program Location: Toolangi State Forest

Program Duration: 4 hours

Program Type: Excursion

Program Theme: Forest, Human Impacts

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