Relationship with Forests (O&E Studies Unit 3)

Excursion Program Overview

Explore the relationships between humans and forests over time and the contemporary management of forests.


  • how Aboriginal Australians traditionally lived and valued the land
  • early settlers land use and values
  • current values and uses of forests
  • current management strategics for sustainable forest management
  • a clear felled logging coupe
  • protected Cool Temperate Rainforest
  • Mountain Ash forest that has regenerated from the 1939 Black Friday bushfires

Workbooks will be provided so you can make a copy for each student to use on the day to guide their forest investigation.

What to bring: Your bus is required to accompany the program, clipboards, copy of worksheets for each student (or print worksheet on cardboard so there is no need for a clipboard) and pens.

Curriculum Connections: VCE Outdoor & Environmental Studies Unit 3

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Program Details

Cost (per group): $495 + GST

Max # of Groups (group max. 30): 2

Possible Start Times: 9.45am

Grade Level: Year 11, Year 12

Program Location: Toolangi State Forest

Program Duration: 4 hours

Program Type: Excursion

Program Theme: Forest, Human Impacts

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