Tale of Two Forests (7-8)

Excursion Program Overview

Forests are more than just a bunch of trees! Explore the difference between State Forests and National Parks, the way different user groups view the forest, the similarities and differences the Mountain Ash and Rainforest, the timber harvesting process and other human impacts.


  • The difference between State Forests and National Parks
  • The way different user groups view the forest
  • The living and non-living features of the Mountain Ash and Cool Temperate Rainforest and what similarities and differences can be observed
  • The timber harvesting process
  • Impacts human use has on our forests

What to bring: Your bus is required to accompany the program, clipboards, copy of worksheets for each student (or print worksheet on cardboard so there is no need for a clipboard) and pens.

Curriculum Connections:

Science: Biological Sciences (7,9), Earth & Space Sciences (7)

Geography: Geography Knowledge & Understanding (7-8)

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Program Details

Cost (per group): $495 + GST

Max # of Groups (group max. 30): 3

Possible Start Times: 9.45am

Grade Level: Year 7, Year 8

Program Location: Toolangi State Forest

Program Duration: 4 hours

Program Type: Excursion

Program Theme: Forest, Human Impacts

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