Tidal Survival (5-6)

Excursion Program Overview

Discover the intertidal rockpools, sandy beaches and coastal vegetation of a marine sanctuary, discovering common sea creatures, explore their array of adaptations for intertidal survival and human impacts upon the marine ecosystem.

Half Day Program includes:

  • Safety Talk – how to stay safe at the beach
  • Coastal Vegetation – consider the adaptations that plants need to survive on the coast and find out how Indigenous Australians used plants to survive
  • Marine Education Centre – learn about the role the Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary plays in conservation, exploring the Marine Education Centre
  • Rock Platform Discovery – discover some of the sea creatures and plants that have adaptaed to survive in the harsh intertidal zone
  • Change Over Time – reflect on change in land use of Ricketts Point spanning Indigenous use to current Marine Sanctuary regulations
  • Pollution and the Marine Environment – create connections and consider how their actions at home can affect the marine environment
  • Beachcombing – investigate natural and man-made artifacts washed ashore by the tide

Full Day Program includes:

  • Same activities but double the time, allowing for more student-directed learning and exploration of the marine environment!
  • Naturally, a broader range of topics can be discussed and more hands-on, student-centred activities can be undertaken with the additional time.

Restrictions: Tide dependant, please provide alternate dates that spread across at least 2 weeks.

Curriculum Connections:

Science: Biological Sciences (5-6), Earth & Space Science (6)

Geography: Geographical Knowledge & Understanding (5-6)

Economics: Economics & Business Knowledge & Understanding (5-6)

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Program Details

Cost (per group): Half Day $405 + GST

Full Day $570 + GST

Max # of Groups (group max. 30): 4

Possible Start Times: 10.15am, 12:15pm

Grade Level: Grade 5, Grade 6, Year 7

Program Location: Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary

Program Duration: 2 hours inc. break, 4 hours inc. breaks

Program Type: Excursion

Program Theme: Biodiversity, Human Impacts, Living things, Marine