Adult (Guardian) Membership 2022


Gould League Guardian – Adult Membership

Proudly support the work of Gould League through our Adult (Guardian) Membership Package which includes:
– 1 year membership
– Annual badge & pledge certificate
– Folded Poster (Seahorses and Seadragons)
– 20% off bookshop products (a great selection of products ideas when you are looking for a present with purpose)
– Voting Rights

This year our badge features the  Weedy Seadragon also known as the common seadragon in recognition of the UN year of Artisanal Fisheries and Aquaculture. Its scientific name is Phyllopteryx taeniolatus and it is a member of the Syngnathidae family.  It is related to seahorses, pipehorses and pipefish.  It became Victoria’s official marine emblem by public nomination in 2002.  You may recall in 2021 Sir David Attenborough lent his support to a Mornington Peninsula community’s battle to prevent the partial demolition of a wooden jetty, arguing it provides valuable habitat for the threatened Weedy Seadragon.  So together, let’s do what we can to protect this important species found right here in Port Philip Bay.

Thank you for your contribution as without this support, the Gould League could not continue it’s important work supporting teachers and educating the next generation to protect and support our precious environment.