Family (Nest of Supporters) Membership 2023


Family – Nest of Supporters Membership

Proudly support the work of Gould League through our Nest of Supporters family membership package in 2023 which includes:

  • A one-year membership for the whole family
  • Annual badge x 2 (featuring  the rare Eastern Ground Parrot)
  • Other badge x 3 (Swift Parrot, Superb Wren and Eastern Rosella all found here in Victoria at certain times of the year)
  • Pocket Guide to Rare Birds of South-eastern Australia that features the rare Eastern Ground Parrot
  • Pledge certificate and Conservation Code
  • Folded posters x 2 (2023’s are Australian Parrots that features the Eastern Ground Parrot and Young Animals of Australia)
  • 20% off bookshop products (great for when you are looking for a present with a purpose)
  • Voting rights

2023 is the UN International Year of Millets, and to celebrate this amazing plant, we are featuring one of the many species that enjoys it’s seeds – the Eastern Ground Parrot (Pezoporus wallicus).

The Eastern Ground Parrot inhabits south-eastern Australia from southern Queensland through NSW to western Victoria. In NSW populations have declined due to land clearing and predation by foxes and cats. It’s now contracted to islands of coastal or sub coastal heathland and sedge land habitats.

The Eastern Ground Parrot is one of only five ground-dwelling parrots in the world. The others being the western ground parrot, extremely rare Night Parrot, the Antipodes parakeet and the highly endangered Kakapo from New Zealand.

Millets are highly nutritious ancient grains that not only withstand hot and dry climates, but also suppress weeds and encourage healthy soil biota and microbes. It is hoped they regain popularity to aid food security in the age of climate change.

We look forward to you joining Gould League so together we can support ALL native flora and fauna so future generations can also enjoy them!