Subpod – new below the ground hub for your garden

Meet Subpodthe below-ground composting power hub for your garden, turning food waste into greenspace. Join the global composting movement, fighting for climate action by using the latest in  composting.  You can even build it into a garden seat!  It’s fun for the whole family – even the worms love it!

The starter kit contains 1 x Subpod and 1 x Subpod Compost Aerator.
A single Subpod is perfect for a single household. Harness the power of worms and microbes to compost the organic waste of up to six people with no odours or mess while feeding the soil at the plant root level.  Compost up to 15kg/30 litres of food waste per week.

For full details and ordering, go to

This is NOT ordered through our shop, but direct from Subpod. We love this new revolutionary design so much, we’ve even organised a 5% discount for our customers when you use the code gould

Don’t delay – get one today. Your garden and the environment will love you for it.