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  • 2022 Badge


    2022 Badge – Weedy Seadragon

    2022 was gazetted by the UN as the year Artisanal Fisheries and Aquaculture. With this in mind, we chose a unique species – but one that is local and special not just to us, but all Australians. It’s the Weedy Seadragon. You may recall last year Sir David Attenborough lent his support to a Mornington Peninsula community’s battle to prevent the partial demolition of a wooden jetty, arguing it provides valuable habitat for the threatened Weedy Seadragon.

    Find out more about  the Weedy Seadragon at  and


  • Cassowary Badge (2021)


    In 2021 our badge featured the Southern Cassowary (also known as the Dinosaur Bird)  in recognition of the UN Year of Fruits & Vegetables. This large, flightless bird was chosen as the featured species as it has a diet based almost exclusively on fruit and is listed as Endangered despite the fact it plays a key role. The  Southern Cassowary lives in the rainforests of North East Queensland and is considered a Keystone Species (playing a key role in the ecosystem) because it eats the fallen fruit of many rainforest species and distributes the seeds across the forest floor. The germination rate of seeds from some rare Australian rainforest trees have a hugely increased germination rate after passing through the cassowary’s gut.

    This species needs help.  What can you do to help protect the Cassowary?

    Our special thanks to Zion Levy Stewart for the use of this beautiful image. For more artwork by Zion, go to 

    Artwork © Zion Levy Stewart 
  • Crimson Rosella in a Golden Wattle Tree Badge (2020)


    Crimson Rosella in a Golden Wattle Tree Badge (2020) celebrates the UN year of Plant Health as without healthy plants, there is no oxygen, food or homes for birds and wildlife.

    Let’s all plant trees to help give wildlife a home – especially in areas affected by the bushfires and urban sprawl.

  • Leadbeater’s Possum Badge (2013)


    Leadbeater’s Possum Badge (2013)