Minibeast Safari Incursion

  • Biodiversity
  • Worms & Compost
  • Living things

Incursion Overview

A hands-on investigation of the wonderful bugs and insects that live in your gardens (and our worm farm!) and the things they need to stay alive. Hunt for critters, look at them up close, explore our minibeast body part felt boards, build a garden home and meet our worms!

Activities include:

  • Story book introduction
  • Garden Hunt – Students explore your garden and search for and collect amazing minibeasts
  • Guided Play Based Learning Activities:
    • Bugs Up Close – Have a close up look at your garden minibeast finds using hand lens’ and our USB microscope connected to a laptop
    • Build a Garden Home – think about all the things that a minibeast would need in a home and build it in a mini sand-pit before adding the animals.
  • Worms Up Close – Students have a close up look at compost worms using hand lenses and discover what cocoons and saddles look like

Duration: Can be customised based on the needs of your learners. We recommend 45 minutes. This program could also be delivered to 3 year old Kinder kids!

Restrictions: Maximum of 25 children per Gould League educator. Greater Melbourne Only

Curriculum Connections:

Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework: Outcome 2
National Quality Standards: Standard 3.3