Wonderful World of Worms Incursion

  • Sustainability
  • Worms & Compost
  • Waste Minimisation

Incursion Overview

Discover the wonderful world of worms and how they can help to reduce your waste!

Activities include:

  • A story book introduction to get tuned in
  • Build a pretend worm farm, (and/or a real one if you can provide the bin and materials)
  • Worm puppets to explore worms favourite foods
  • Real live worms!
  • A song to wrap things up

Suitable for 3 and 4 year old kinder kids!

Duration: Can be customised based on the needs of your learners. We recommend 45 minutes.

Restrictions: Maximum of 25 children per Gould League educator. Greater Melbourne Only.

Curriculum Connections:

Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework: Outcome 2
National Quality Standards: Standard 3.3