Building Teacher Capacity

Capacity building of teachers is one of the key objectives of Gould League. We’ve been doing it since 1909, so to kick start 2024, we are providing 4 FREE Teacher Professional Development Days and speaking at EASL. Gain professional development points in one or more of these 5 hour PD events that addresses 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 6.2 and 6.3 in the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

Monday 26th February @ Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary: 10am- 3pm for ELC Educators
We believe that the early years of a child’s life are the most significant. So, we have designed a Professional Development Day to support Early Years Educators to help them understand the fundamentals of marine environments, science, waste management and innovation. This will help to plan, organise, and initiate activities around education for sustainability enabling children to develop intellectually, physically, and emotionally. Our goal is to give you a taste of all that Ricketts Point has to offer as a world class living, breathing outdoor classroom. We will explore the intertidal rockpools, remnant coastal heath and banksia forest, and discover birds of the bay to help connect to the ecological and community significance of our special places.  Full program details and registration can be found HERE.

Tuesday 27th February @ Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary: 10am to 3pm for Primary and Secondary School Teachers
The ocean covers a staggering 361 million square kilometres of the planet, covering over 70% of the Earth’s surface. It provides ecosystem services that feeds us, predicts and controls the climate, as well as protects marine and coastal habitat. Ricketts Point and its marine waters possess a long history of biodiversity. From discovery of prehistoric marine mammals and fish at nearby internationally renowned fossil sits, to the diversity of present-day marine species, Ricketts Point and its environs make for one of Victoria’s best outdoor classrooms for science, climate change, biology, ecology, geography, history, culture, civics and citizenship, innovation and more. 

This Teacher PD, designed for both primary and secondary teachers, will look at the ecosystem services of the ocean, explore the intertidal rockpools, remnant coastal heath and banksia forest, discover the birds of the bay, understand how to manage special places, and the concept of custodianship in terms of past and present-day land management.  You will also partake in coastal classifications and a plastic pollution activity. A special guest speaker will also share details of the new global Ocean Literacy program and share your school can be involved. Our goal is to give you a taste of all that Ricketts Point has to offer as a world class living, breathing outdoor classroom and the opportunity to partake in citizen science. Full program details and registration can be found HERE.

EASL Learning for Sustainability Conference 2024 for Primary and Secondary Teachers
Friday March 1st: 9am to 3pm @ The Round, 379-399 Whitehorse Road, Nunawading.
Join Gould League’s GM Anne-Maree McInerney who will deliver a workshop titled: “Innovation and Inspiration from nature – it’s worth more than you realise!”

Education is unquestionably a unique and powerful lever for change in society – and a particularly important one as far as sustainable development is concerned. Yet, are we teaching the right things? The nature economy is expected generate up to $10.1 trillion in annual business value and create 395 million jobs by 2030. But who will teach the jobs of tomorrow and how to critically think and problem solve? This session is set to give you a taste of the extraordinary innovation and answers nature provides to everyday challenges. It’s bound to surprise and delight you – and ultimately your students!

Early Bird Tickets start from $55.00.
Refer for full details and bookings.

Friday 19th April @ Gould League Sustainability Education Centre, Cheltenham: 10am to 3pm – for Primary School and ELC Teachers
Learn how to address Eco Anxiety and enhance your environmental education in the classroom by joining international Sustainability and Circular Economy expert Anne-Maree McInerney and biodiversity experts in this fun and engaging Professional Development Day. Together we will investigate long term and innovative solutions to our waste crisis in Australia, the importance of mini-beasts for teaching sustainability, and how we teach about natural resources and biodiversity – so we inform but not overwhelm students.

The day will include 2 main workshops:

  • Circular Economy and Beyond – Pathways to a Sustainable Future
  • The GOOD the BAD and the UGLY of Plastics

Plus, the opportunity to tour through our centre and explore all the hands on learning spaces on offer to students who visit for excursions. Full program details and registration can be found HERE.

Thursday May 2nd @Toolangi State Forest: 10am to 3pm – for Primary and Secondary School Teachers proudly sponsored by EUCALYPT AUSTRALIA to celebrate National Eucalypt Day.
As educators, how do you approach the subject of the environment in a way that reduces student anxiety and inspires action? Anne-Maree McInerney, a renowned global sustainability advisor, will be leading a day-long immersion into the forest alongside other experts in forest and water conservation. This workshop promises to uplift and inspire teachers as they discover innovative policies and practices that tackle some of humanity’s most pressing challenges. By the end of the workshop, attendees will have a new perspective on the role of schools and classrooms in driving community-wide innovation.

Rarely does one have the opportunity for real life learning experiences in the forest.  So come immerse yourself in nature and celebrate the tallest flowering trees in the world and the world’s tallest MOSS as part of National Eucalypt Day.  We will also provide a hands-on workshop that gives practical solutions to the many challenges facing society such as failing ecosystems, species extinction, food security, waste management, and climate change and be introduced to the concept of the “Blue Economy”, which involves adopting a circular economy model that drives systemic change and zero waste. It has the potential to promote sustainable growth and productivity across all segments of society, with game-changing innovations that address environmental issues. This innovative approach to real-world learning offers a glimpse into the future of education, building resilience, creating jobs, and contributing positively to society and the environment. Full program details and registration can be found HERE.

All Gould League Teacher PD’s are FREE with lunch and refreshments provided. Please advise dietary requirements when booking.

Let us provide hands on learning activities linked to the curriculum that MAKES LEARNING FUN, so your kids are not so disconnected from the world in which they live – as the more they are connected to the natural world, the more they will fight to protect it! 

For further information contact: / 0431 107 389 / 0419 193 134.