Gould League’s excursion programs, sustainability centre, whole school sustainability behaviour change programs, interactive websites and publications have been recognised over the years by both national and international organisations.

Gould League Recognition – Awards (PDF)

Research & Evaluation


We have a myriad of case studies, published articles, research reports and independent evaluations relating to many of our programs. For example, the Multicultural School Gardens Research Paper (2009). Please contact us directly with any specific requests for these documents.


Check out our Testimonials page to read the glowing reviews!

Legacy of Initiatives

Here is the suite of programs which we’ve developed or been involved with over our time:

School Grounds for Learning (inc Sustainability Wiz e-learning portal)
Sustainability Victoria’s Waste Wise Schools Program
Enterprise Schools Pilot Project: Community Recycling in Secondary Schools
The Sustainables Challenge
Victorian Sustainable Schools Initiative Pilot
Multicultural School Gardens 2006-2014
Students Futurescaping Schools 2012-current

…and educational websites:

Backyards for Learning
Australian Wildlife Cams
Bug Blitz
Sea for Yourself
Foodwebs Online
Climate Change Garden Online
Flora for Fauna Website