Gould League is an independent not-for-profit organisation in Victoria with a long and proud history of environmental and sustainability education.

We help teachers boost the impact of their science and sustainability curriculum, connect students with their natural world and empower the community with positive messages and practical actions to live more sustainably.

How do we do this?

Excursions and Incursions


We provide engaging opportunities for students of all ages to learn in, about and for the environment through a suite of programs in Greater Melbourne.  With Covid restrictions lifting, we are also aiming to expand our programs into regional Victoria in 2022.

Whole School Behaviour Change


Packaged programs which can be tailored to your school’s needs including Multicultural School Gardens, Food Gardens and Wildscape Gardens, and/or tailored support with ResourceSmart AuSSI Vic Waste, Biodiversity, Core or Water Modules.

Books and Posters


From curriculum connected teacher resources, to kid friendly field guides and nostalgic identification posters. Browse our shop items



Over 1 million Australians have been Gould League members since we began. Kids, families and adults make up our 300 strong membership base at present, supporting our organisations legacy. Learn more about Gould League Membership