Booking Terms and Conditions

If you must cancel or change the number of classes booked, please give us at least 2 weeks’ notice.
Cancellation earlier than 10 business days before the program = no charge
Cancellation within 10 business days program = fee of 30% of the total price
Cancellation or non-arrival on the day = full charge
Where inclement weather is forecast we offer alternative ‘rainy day’ programs where possible or reschedule your booking within the same calendar year (subject to availability): Please phone us two days before your field trip to discuss alternatives.

Our educators’ hours are booked in accordance with the needs of your program so a late arrival time will mean a shortened program. Please carefully evaluate your trip time (including realistic departure time for school, traffic, toilet & snack upon arrival) and communicate the program start time that will best suit your needs at the time of booking your program. We can often be flexible on start times when given advance notice. If any groups are late and request to finish later, and our educators can accommodate that, we will need to add an additional charge to cover staff wages for this time.

Maximum of 30 primary/secondary school or 25 pre-school students per group. Our preferred group size for Toolangi is 25. Programs have different maximums for the number of simultaneous classes that can be accommodated, the different activities run etc so contact us if you exceed this maximum to discuss options.

If you bring more than the student numbers booked (if it exceeds the maximum number), you will be charged for an additional group.

Free admission is offered to teachers and adults supervising students participating in an education program. Each group of students must be accompanied by at least one of your teachers at ALL times.

Student supervision and discipline are the school’s responsibility, and teachers and adults accompanying school groups should actively supervise students at all times. Students should not be unsupervised at any time.

The following adult children ratios are recommended:
1:10 students for Primary and Secondary groups
1:25 for Tertiary groups
1:4 for Early Childhood groups
1:1 for Special needs groups

For programs conducted around water such as at Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary the following ratio is recommended:
1:5 students for Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary groups
However please be mindful of maximum numbers to ensure positive student engagement.

Closed-toe shoes are required for all programs and appropriate protective clothing (eg. broad-brimmed hats, sunscreen, shoulders covered, &/or waterproof jackets, warm hats, layered clothing, gloves.)  We provide hard hats for Toolangi Forest Programs.

As safety is our priority, it is important that we ensure all programs conducted in the field are carried out in a safe manner. On days with a fire rating of Severe, Extreme or Code Red, the excursion will be cancelled and rescheduled. We will endeavour to arrange this the day prior to the excursion NOT the day of the program – this is too late.

All parties are responsible for checking weather forecasts and fire bans and ratings for the day of the excursion and communicating any concerns as soon as possible. It is recommended that all relevant staff utilise tools such as the Fire Ready App to be aware of the fire rating for the day of your excursion. Please note the fire rating for a day may change.

Melbourne Weather
North Central (Toolangi Region) Weather
Fire Bans and Ratings Victoria (Toolangi in North Central)

First Aid remains the responsibility of the visiting school and/or carer(s) therefore you must bring a First Aid Kit (a minimum of one per bus) with you, along with any medical instructions (action plans) and medications for children with existing medical conditions such as anaphylaxis, asthma, etc.  Please note leeches are common in Toolangi State Forest – so please ensure your staff are equipped with leech first aid and or insect spray to aid prevention.

See: Maps and instructions for bus drivers and parent drivers
Sustainability Centre: LePage Primary School, 77 Argus St Cheltenham VIC 3192. Entry is via the hall unless directed otherwise (Herald St end of school). Sustainability Centre Driver Map
Ricketts Point: Beaumaris Life Saving Club. Turn left upon entering the carpark, and travel south along the gravel road until you reach the bus turning circle and parking area. Ricketts Point Driver Map
Toolangi: Discovery Tree Room, 1685 Healesville-Kinglake Rd, Toolangi VIC 3777. Buses are required to stay with the group for the duration of the program. Toolangi Driver Map

Ensure you have enough food and drink for the day. There is no café/canteen on any program site.

Suggest bringing nude food wherever possible. We have a ‘carry in, carry out policy. Recycling and composting will be provided at the Sustainability Education Centre in Cheltenham only.

Please contact our bookings manager immediately if there are ANY changes to your booking details. Phone 03 9585 7860 / 0431 107 389 or email

As a complementary addition to your booking, you will be granted an (Individual) Teacher Membership to Gould League for a period of 12 months.  You will receive a membership badge on the day of your program, and a coupon code as this Membership entitles you to access a 20% discount from our online bookshop (excluding memberships and badges).  As per our constitution (available under ‘Charity Documents’ on our Australian Charity and Not-for-Profits Commission’s listing), to attend and vote at our Annual General Meeting. If you choose to resign from your membership, please contact us in writing.