Sustainability Education Centre

DSC03478-webOur one-of-a-kind Sustainability Education Centre resides in a wing of the Le Page Primary in Cheltenham, a southern eastern bayside suburb of Melbourne.  The centres popular themed rooms include Wastelands, 5Rs Shopping Room and the Incredible Shrinking Machine which provide immersive learning environments.  Our mini- beast gardens and worm farm are perfect for observing urban biodiversity!

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Sustainability Education Centre Excursions

Minibeast Safari: Kinder

A hands-on investigation of the wonderful world of Minibeasts and the roles they play in two separate habitats: the garden and the compost bin.

Recycling Rules: Kinder

Children bring their favourite Teddy to share this recycling adventure. Using their imaginations they follow the journey from enjoying a bite with friends, to how they reducing their waste. Using story, song and hands-on exploration, students will be introduced to the magic of recycling, how to identify what products are made from and how to choose the right bin.

Wonderful World of Worms: Kinder

Discover how worms can help to reduce your waste!  Story, song, puppets and real live worms help you explore their favourite foods and more. Visit our Incredible Shrinking Machine in minibeast costumes to imagine what the worms and their friends get up to!

Beetle at our Sustainability Education CentreEarth’s Treasures: Foundation – Year 2

Our amazing planet contains hidden treasures. Embark on a journey of discovery as we explore every day materials and identify connections to natural resources. Prepare to challenge your current waste management behaviour at school and home to ensure a sustainable future.

Beetle at our Sustainability Education CentreLiving Connections: Foundation – Year 2

All living things are connected. Examine the changes plants and animals undergo as they grow and discover their key features that help them survive in our fascinating world. Young learners will be engaged and inspired during these hands on, interactive activities.

Beetle at our Sustainability Education CentreNatural Links: Years 3 & 4

Planet Earth is a complex environment that relies on delicate links and sophisticated relationships between living and non-living elements. Classify natural objects and organisms while exploring the interconnectedness and importance of a balanced environment. Learn about human impacts and create actions for your school to support positive change.

Beetle at our Sustainability Education Centre5Rs of the Circular Economy – Rethink, Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Years 5 & 6

This new 2 and 4 hour hands-on program for level 5 & 6, explores responsible consumerism, design and waste minimisation. It allows students to understand the principals of a linear v a circular economy and introduces students to new innovation that’s transforming waste into worth.  We explore what’s hot about compost and maggots, and the journey of products and their planned obsolescence and how we can make a difference in our every day lives.

What to expect

DSC03439-webOur Sustainability Centre  is not open to the public, so when your school is visiting you will be the only school in our centre.  We have space for you to lunch inside or outside before, during or after your program should you choose.   Our engaging themed rooms include:

DSC03410-webThe Incredible Shrinking Machine: an amazing journey to the secret inside workings of a compost bin complemented by a sound and light show.

Wastelands: provides an interactive exploration through the world of natural resources, rubbish, littering and recycling.

3R’s Room:
features a modern mini-mart, an Olde Worlde shop, nude-food displays, recycling relay bins and more.

Worm Room:
home to our working worm farms to sift through and explore!

our Minibeast rainforest microscope pit and drama room!