Our Birth


Named to honour the work of John and Elizabeth Gould, ‘The Gould League of Bird Lovers’ (now Gould League) was formed in 1909.

Originally set up to prevent bird egg collecting and to educate for the protection of Australian birds, the Gould League has made a significant impact on generations of Australians and their environmental attitudes.

History of Gould League  (PDF)

Our Evolution


Gould League blazed the trail for environmental education in Australia with our excursion programs, resources (like curriculum guides, books and posters), and interactive educational websites. As environmental attitudes shifted, we broadened our message from birds to a range of sustainability areas including water, biodiversity, energy and waste. Learn what Gould League is all about these days

Our Sisters

Numerous independent Gould League state organisations have existed over the past century. One other state’s Gould League remains, Western Australia (Herdsmans Lake Wildlife Centre) with New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland and Tasmania having now closed.