Bird Olympics Prize Donation

On July 27 Sapphire Coast (NSW) Learning Community schools participated in “a bird-lovin’ journey to the past”: the pilot program ‘Bournda Bird Olympics’, held at Bournda Environmental Education Centre within Bournda National Park, NSW.

Read about details of the wonderful event here:

Gould League (VIC) was contacted early by key event organiser Robert Whiter on to donate prizes for the event, which we gladly supported with the donation of books and posters.

We would like to pass on our congratulations to all the participating students from Tanja Public School (PS), Tathra PS, Towamba PS and Wolumla PS!

To find out more about Bournda EEC in NSW please visit

Feel free to contact Gould League about sponsoring your next event with our books and posters!

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