Year 11

VCE Biology Fieldwork (Unit 1 Area of Study 2 and 3)

Ricketts Point Sea StarRicketts Point Marine Sanctuary

VCE Biology students will learn biological concepts and undertake field research techniques to enable them to fulfil the assessment requirements for school-assessed coursework (SACs) in scientific investigation. The physiology and behaviour of common intertidal species within Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary will be explored.  Applying an ecological perspective, students will undertake an area study to observe and determine how species adaptations, relationships and interactions with abiotic factors in the environment influence their survival in this challenging habitat.  Insight provided into the function of physiological systems (e.g. homeostasis and osmoregulation) within an aquatic environment will reinforce students’ classroom learning.

Students will also have an opportunity to develop their fieldwork skills including the use of quadrat surveys, species identification and classification techniques (e.g. the dichotomous key), field observation and data recording, as they investigate the distribution and abundance of intertidal reef species.  Through discussion, students will be enabled to formulate hypotheses and interpret data results to develop conclusions for compilation into scientific reporting.

The Forest Environment (Enviro Science Unit 1)

Toolangi State ForestToolangi State Forest

Discover the forest environment, it’s structure, functions and natural processes.

The Forest Experience (O&E Studies Unit 1)

Toolangi State ForestToolangi State Forest

Explore how people value and experience forests.

Hazards and Disasters in the Forest (VCE Geography Unit 1)

Toolangi State ForestToolangi State Forest

Explore the magnificent forest ecosystems of the Victorian Central Highlands, and investigate the hydro-meteorological hazards and disasters that characterise the region.  Visit sites with contrasting ecological functions and response to bushfire, and that are at varying stages of recovery from such disaster. Discuss human responses to the region’s bushfire hazards and disasters, including prediction of risk and vulnerability, planning protection and mitigation, recovery and reconstruction. Complete fieldwork activities that will collect primary data for the unit’s SAC requirement.

Impacts of Forest Use (O&E Studies Unit 2)

Toolangi State ForestToolangi State Forest

Discover the characteristics of forest environments and the impacts of human activities in Toolangi State Forest.

Wood as a Resource (Design & Tech)

Toolangi State ForestToolangi State Forest

State forests are managed for multiple uses, including the provision of timber resources. Explore the use of forests as a source of timber for a range of uses.