Years 5 & 6

5R’s of the Circular Economy: Rethink, Refuse, Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

Beetle at our Sustainability Education CentreCheltenham Sustainability Education Centre

This hands-on program at our Sustainability Excursion Centre explores responsible consumerism and waste minimisation from the how’s and what’s of curbside recycling, to ‘pitching’ the benefits and pitfalls of various recyclable materials, a waste wise shopping challenge, what’s so hot about compost and the journey of our electronic items and their planned obsolescence.

Don’t Waste the Water Cycle

Beetle at our Sustainability Education CentreCheltenham Sustainability Education Centre

New in 2024!  Details coming soon.

Tidal Survival

Ricketts Point Sea StarRicketts Point Marine Sanctuary

Through personal observations, students will uncover the structural and behavioural adaptations that enable organisms to survive in challenging habitats.  Educators lead a practical investigation in the intertidal zone to demonstrate how the growth and survival of living things can be affected by the physical conditions of their environment.

Fire and the Forest

Toolangi State ForestToolangi State Forest

Fires are a natural part of the forest environment. Investigate how bushfires and fire effect the environment, plants, animals and local communities. Visit a Mountain Ash Forest, logging coupe and a stop off to compare and contrast a Cool Temperate Rainforest.

Forest Transformations (Adapations and Changes in the Forest)

Toolangi State ForestToolangi State Forest

Forests are a very important part of our world. Discover the forest environment’s tall trees, soft ferns, mountain creeks, and prickly plants! Use all your senses to find signs of the wildlife that live in the forests. Learn what makes a healthy forest habitat, discover the different ways that people use forests and how we can ensure the sustainability of forests for the future.