Years 9 & 10

Species Interactions in the Intertidal Ecosystem

Ricketts Point Sea StarRicketts Point Marine Sanctuary

Students will participate in theory and field activities to gain a better understanding of the interactions between intertidal species at Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary. They will be introduced to trophic levels, food webs and the potential impacts of human activities on marine ecosystems. Students will conduct a field investigation to determine the abiotic and biotic factors present in the intertidal zone. Fieldwork skills including quadrat surveys, species identification, classification, observation and data recording will also be developed.


Toolangi State ForestToolangi State Forest

Fires are a natural part of the forest environment. Investigate how fires effect the environment, plants, animals and communities with hands-on measurement of fuel hazard levels in a nearby Messmate Forest, a visit to a Mountain Ash Forest and a stop off to compare and contrast a Cool Temperate Rainforest.

Biomes and Food Security

Toolangi State ForestToolangi State Forest

The ecosystems of the Victorian Central Highlands have distinctive characteristics which help to class the region firmly as part of a Temperate Forest Biome. Explore this special region while connecting to the outcomes of the Victorian Geography Curriculum.

Our Forests Our Future

Toolangi State ForestToolangi State Forest

Forests are vital for our future. Explore the many values of our forests, how they are managed to reduce human impacts for future sustainability, and how people can be involved in protecting the environment.