Grade 5/6 Teacher PD Day

Gould League are thrilled to be back delivering incursions and excursions for schools across Greater Melbourne – helping to make learning fun again and supporting teachers boost the impact of their science, geography and sustainability lessons.

In addition to our normal programs at Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary, Toolangi State Forest and our Cheltenham Sustainability Centre, we have developed a range of new Grade 5/6 programs focused on

  • Waste
  • The Blue and Circular Economy and
  • Leadership and Environmental Citizenship

We are delighted to invite grade 5 and 6 Teachers to attend a FREE professional development day so they can learn about the many changes in the waste and innovation landscape, that’s helping guide career pathways, and invoking a passion for science and environmental citizenship in students.

Where: Gould League Sustainability Centre, 77 Argus Street, Cheltenham
When: 10 am – 2pm Friday May 6th, 2022
Cost: Nil – It’s FREE! We will also provide lunch
Program: Download it here

Although the focus is on waste and innovation, we will also touch on how we can address your science and geography curriculum outcomes. Please note, all our programs are linked to the Victorian Curriculum with purposefully designed activities to inspire students and to help teachers meet multiple curriculum outcomes.

Learning will be FUN and ENGAGING. Participants can also “Swim with Whales” – all part of a new Virtual Reality world created to show the impact of waste on our oceans in “The GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY of PLASTICS”.

The day promises to inspire, surprise and awaken new possibilities for your Teachers, Students and Leadership Team and show what’s possible when we innovate and collaborate to problem solve.

For more information Ph: 0431 107 389 / 0429 193 134 or email: