Level 5 & 6 Incursion

Gould League IncursionsThe GOOD the BAD and the UGLY of PLASTICS

This hands-on program explores our role as global citizens using the example of marine plastic pollution.  The program takes students through three activities designed to highlight different aspects of our use of plastic  – the Good the Bad and the Ugly.  Students will look at how actions they take can prevent and treat the problems associated with marine plastic pollution and have the opportunity to envisage the future of the ocean using virtual reality headsets – The Ocean of the Future – that takes them under the ocean to see the problem from the perspective of the ocean and the creatures that depend on it. More information…

The 5 R’s of the Circular Economy

This new innovative program for level 5 & 6 explores responsible consumerism, design and waste minimisation. It goes beyond recycling – allowing students to understand the principals of a linear verses a circular economy and introduces students to new innovation that’s transforming waste into worth.  We explore what’s hot about compost and maggots, the journey of products and their outdated planned obsolescence design, what we can do about it, the new career pathways in waste innovation, and how we can make a difference in our every day lives.