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  • Green Maths Level 2

    Green Maths Level 2


    Your students’ maths skills will develop as they investigate minibeasts, pull weeds, grow beans and collect leaves. Recycling waste, reducing litter and a garage sale will help their maths and the environment. “How large are whales?” “What kinds of symmetry can we find?” and many more hands-on maths activities.

  • Green Maths Level 3

    Green Maths Level 3


    Discover how to use maths to solve environmental problems. Students will design a maths trail, map a garden and measure a tree. “How do we measure rainfall?” “Can we keep our cool on a hot day?” Students will collect data, make graphs, produce reports and calculate the resources they can save.

  • Green Maths Level 4

    Green Maths Level 4


    These students have enough maths skills to have major fun. “What would the classroom look like if the students designed and gave it a green makeover?” Measure the effect of sunscreen on a sausage in the sun. Measure biodiversity by catching 100 creatures. Use maths to explore microhabitats and a lot more.

  • Green Maths Level 5

    Green Maths Level 5


    Maths can help make a better world.
    Experience maths in the environment. Design a forest, calculate the dimensions of a ramp, manage school waste.
    “How many ways can a tree be measured?”
    “Where is the best place to plant shade trees to keep the school cool?”
    See population changes in the Dingo, Wallaby and Grasses game.