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  • The Nestbox Book 1st Edition (pdf)


    The Nestbox Book by Gould League gives you 64 pages of step by step instructions on how to build new homes for 26 species from birds and bats through to possums and gliders who’s natural habitat has been destroyed. It guides you on how high to place them, species breeding details and much more.  It will also help you to establish a management plan for the boxes to ensure we do not inadvertently support unwanted species who are in direct competition with native birds and mammals for food, water and shelter – as we want to help not further damage our recovering wildlife.

    This first edition book was published by Gould League in 1997.  It was complied by Jim Grant, with contribution by Hugo Phillipps (Birds Australia – RAOU), Tim Gunn (Gecco Nestboxes), Russell Trainor, Rob Morrison and Ellen McCullock (Bird Observers Club of Australia) in attempt to help protect native wildlife who were fast losing their habitat.

    PDF download link will be sent immediately after payment is received. You will have 14 days only to download your copy.  Enjoy!

    If you would however like to receive a free PDF copy of our most up to date Nestbox Book to  help with wildlife recovery, email and tell us:
    Your name
    Your address
    Phone number
    How many and what type of boxes you intend to build and install
    Location for installation

    This information would be greatly appreciated as we wish to track how the book is being used and what nest boxes are being built.

    If you can take some photos during construction and give us any pics of the installations, they would be greatly appreciated as this helps us with funding of various programs so we can get support for more of these activities.  It also helps inspire others to do the same!