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  • Gould League of Bird Lovers: Badges, Certificates and Ephemera


    For over one hundred years the Gould League has played a major role in educating school children on the protection and conservation of bird life and then more broadly to all native flora and fauna.

    “Gould League of Bird Lovers: Badges, Certificates and Ephemera” is the definitive reference book for collectables issued by all Australian state branches of the Gould League. The catalogue is both informative & beautifully presented making it the ideal guide for collectors, historians & nature lovers.

    All books are individually numbered & signed. If you wish the booked to be gifted and a special message provided, please let us know!

    It’s informative & beautifully presented with 800+ images of 150 A4 pages.  It features badges, posters, certificates, memberships as well as it’s history.

    This book will provide a nostalgic journey for the millions of ‘bird lovers’ in country towns and cities across Australia who signed up as members, took the Pledge, wore the badge with pride, cherished the colourful certificates, entered competitions and collected pennants, posters and stickers.

    “I could not put it down! I loved it all from learning how each Chapter came about to seeing the wonderful certificates and badges produced. It was a heartfelt nostalgic walk down memory lane and a great reminder of the incredible work done by generations of environmental educators.” Anne-Maree McInerney – General Manager, Gould League of Victoria

    “This catalogue is a wonderfully detailed and well-researched document which provides an excellent background for anyone interested in collecting this fascinating selection of memorabilia of the States’ Gould Leagues and their activities.”  Mandy Bamford – President, Western Australian Gould League

    Book Price $60.  PLEASE NOTE THIS BOOK IS DISPATCHED FROM SYDNEY and thus includes postage of $15.00. Books will be available for dispatch early December, 2023.