Australian Guide to Birds – Centenary Edition (PDF only)

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Australian Guide to Birds – Centenary Edition (PDF only)
Australians are increasingly aware of the importance of encouraging children’s interest in nature and our environment and birdwatching nurtures this interest and understanding.  Birdwatching is also great fun.

This guide does not take the usual dreary “collectors” approach to birdwatching. Rather it brings out the fascinating habits and traits of each species in a style easily understood by children and adults alike.

Birdwatchers can be treated to a spectral variety of beautiful birds and the trees in which they can be found – in local gardens and on farms.

Please note this is no longer available in hard copy – this is now ONLY available in a downloadable PDF format. PDF download link will be sent immediately after payment is received. You will have 14 days only to download your copy.

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Australian Guide to Birds