Southern Cassowary Poster


Southern Cassowary Poster
Of three species of Cassowaries in the world, only the Southern Cassowary (Casuarius Casuarius Johnsonii), is found in Australia. Like the emu and ostrich, the Southern Cassowary is a ratite, a large flightless bird with unusual feathers and other features that distinguish it from all other birds. The Southern Cassowary is a striking bird with glossy black plumage. The adult Southern Cassowary has a tall, brown casque or helmet on top of its head, a vivid blue and purple neck, long drooping red wattles and amber eyes. The purpose of the tall helmet or casque is unknown but it may indicate dominance and age, as it continues to grow throughout life. Recent research indicates it may also assist Cassowaries in “hearing” the low vibrating sound made by other Cassowaries. The casque is spongy inside, rather than bony, and may also act as a shock-absorber that protects the bird’s head when it pushes through dense thickets of rainforest and scrub.

Newly-hatched chicks are striped dark brown and creamy white. After three to six months the stripes fade and the plumage changes to brown. As the young mature, the plumage darkens, the wattles and casque develop and the skin colour on the neck and wattles brighten. Cassowaries reach maturity at about three years of age.  On the back of this posters is an image of a mum and chick.  Children will enjoy colouring this in and learning all about this rare yet famous flightless bird!

The poster is 420mm x 594mm printed on 150gsm Sovereign gloss in  Cmyk­ full colour on both sides.

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