TREES – An activity-based curriculum guide (PDF only)


TREES – An Activity-based curriculum guide by Gould League and VAEE.

Trees are a great starting point for Science, Visual Arts, Drama, Media, SOSE and music explorations, and enquiries. Trees can be found in most school yards and their variability in both detail and scale is fantastic.Their uses for people are interesting, accessible and at times controversial, and they can be grown at school.

This guide, designed for primary students, integrates a variety of approaches and issues into simple activities, presentations and projects.

Concrete and practical learning and considered social action are build upon the enthusiasm generated from students’ enjoyment of the natural world. Learning outcomes across the curriculum can be achieved as students improve skills and get involved in hands-on learning.

This is a must for teachers and parents looking to engage children in the natural world.  This is out of print, but now available for all to enjoy in PDF format.