Creatures creep to Gould

In July 2016 Gould League approached the Academy of Design, Melbourne to form a partnership with upcoming fashion designers to design several insect costumes for the children who partake in the interactive education programs offered at the Gould League.

Mark Reed, Fashion & Costume Design Tutor at the Academy mentored a group of eight students in the design and production of 60 minibeast costumes. Students participating in this projects were asked to tune into their inner child and design attractive costumes that appealed to kindergarten and primary aged children.

Thus far the students have already accomplished many compost creature costumes including flies, caterpillars, bees and spiders in bright colours and interesting silhouettes.

The new costumes will enhance our popular Giant Compost Bin experience immensely.  This project is expected to continue until November 2016.



Photography by Lee Bolan.

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