The Grass is Greener at Gould in 2017

Our new year’s resolution planning is already underway, with a dedicated and skilled team of environmental educators working around the clock on our SCHOOL PROGRAM MAKE-OVER!

We’re going to be shifting the (virtual) NYE fireworks to January 29th, the eve of Term 1, when we unveil our spectacular new suite of high quality, refined program offerings. Incursions and excursions alike are being revamped, consolidated, strongly aligned to the Victorian Curriculum and updated to address YOUR current needs as teachers and students. Our forest education programs in Toolangi, marine excursions to Ricketts Point, and sustainability programs at our new centre in Cheltenham and your school are all getting a fresh take.

This is an incredibly exciting time for our team and our huge following of loyal schools, and we want you to feel part of this process. We welcome your suggestions and will be sending targetted emails seeking input into the brainstorming process over the next 2 months. Please feel free to contact us at any stage to have your input.

Our new Sustainability Education Centre within Le Page Primary School has already been enjoyed and explored by over 1000 students and teachers, and with a fresh, clean space and a huge spring-clean of any dated materials, it’s the perfect canvas for us to create a sleek set of new sustainability programs and activities, which will be will be open for bookings from 23rd January 2017 onwards.

We’ll host something special in Term 1 for our VIP teachers to tour the new space, get curious with our new programs and chat with our experienced environmental educators. Stay tuned for your invite in the new ‘Gould League’ year, and keep an eye on our website this Summer for updated program details!

The grass is definitely going to be GREENER at Gould League in 2017, and we can’t wait to explore it with you.

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