What Craig Reucassel’s War on Waste is Doing for Plastic Free July

The War On Waste series with ‘The Chaser’s’ Craig Reucassel is having widespread impact on the thoughts and conversations of Melbournians, Australians and even our friends overseas. From our Facebook news feeds, to conversations overhead in supermarket aisles and those shared over cups of teas with friends there has been a distinct shift in dialogue.

For Gould League this is absolute music to our ears… the things we have been ‘preaching’ for DECADES are coming into mainstream consciousness! ‘YES’ composting and reducing food waste has everything to do with climate change, ‘YES’ plastics pollution wreaks havoc on our natural environment, ‘YES’ you can recycle soft plastics, ‘YES’ sorting your waste into a three bin system is so important and every council has slightly different guidelines, ‘YES’ single-use coffee cups are destined for landfill, ‘YES’ e-waste, textile and other material waste are hugely impacting on our natural world and ‘YES’ there is so much you can do to reduce our waste and make our world a better place!

So, with Plastic Free July just aound the corner – and this fresh inspiration, and new knowledge for many, as inspired by the ABC series, let’s make this the BEST one yet!

What will you pledge to #choosetorefuse? Will you avoid single-use plastics, eliminate plastic entirely or just focus on the top 4: bags, bottles, straws, coffee cups? You can do it for a day, a week or the whole month! Register to accept the challenge online.

What have you got to lose? We all have so much to gain!

As one of our sessional educators recently shared on our Facebook page,

I committed to plastic free July in 2014 and it literally changed my life! Motivated by the challenge, it made me do a lot of problem solving about how to reduce/eliminate single use plastic items in my household. It was such an eye opening experience and most of the changes I made then have continued. I encourage others to take up this challenge!

What a profound impact! Friends have been discovering how to make their own yoghurt and cream cheese, create their own fabric produce bags, sourcing bulk foods (even dog food!), being inspired with new nude food recipes for their kids lunchboxes, and even taking their own glass tupperware to their local butchers and favourite take away restaurants!

Join the Plastic Free July community online, share your challenges and ideas, and share on Gould League’s Facebook page too, to make this plastic free JULY the best yet, you never know, it might just change your life FOREVER!

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