Meet our Team: Lorraine Baker


I’m a sessional educator working for the Gould League at our Sustainability Centre in Cheltenham.

My tertiary studies were originally in Youth Work and then later in Primary Teaching. My previous employment history has included housing and employment programs for young adults, social support programs for elderly people, primary teaching and sex education programs.

I love camping and bushwalking and recently walked across northern England (the coast to coast walk) – 300km in 16 days! I am particularly passionate about trying to live without waste and reducing plastic pollution. I had an early educational experience when I was about 13 years old that had a profound effect on me and I have never forgotten it. We were shown a short film about an elderly lady who lived in the suburbs, but never needed to put out a garbage bin. I think this was the first spark of my thinking about waste. Based on this experience, I know how important and life changing education can be. So it is with pleasure that I try to engage the next generation in learning about sustainability and thinking about our impact on this beautiful home we call Earth.

Hope to see you at Gould League!
Lorraine Baker

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