FREE Resources for ELC and Primary Teacher PD held at our Cheltenham Sustainability Education Centre.

Thanks so much for attending our recent ELC/Primary School Teacher PD Day at our Cheltenham Sustainability Education Centre. As promised, please find below links to all the relevant resources.

– Introductory slides along with “The GOOD, BAD AND UGLY of Plastics” can be found here.
– The introduction to the Blue Economy and Waste activity can be found here.
– Overview on Eco-Anxiety can be found here.
– Article by the Conversation. Eco-anxiety: climate change affects our mental health – here’s how to cope!
– Compost Activities book to accompany your poster can be downloaded here.
– Katrina from a Fitting Connection (Textiles recycling programs for Schools) can be contacted via 0421 122 568 / or check out their
– How two men are changing the fact of textile recycling globally.,000-tonnes-of-landfill-waste-and-create-140-jobs-over-four-years Their company is BlockTexx
– Posters and books can be found on line at A 20% discount is offered to Teacher Members (Free, when booking programs).
– Program information for incursions and excursions can all be found at
– Upcoming PD’s can be found at

Please note your PD certificate of attendance will be sent under separate over in the next few days direct from Canva.

We look forward to seeing you and your students at one of our programs in the not too distant future.

Anne-Maree McInerney Greta Muhleisen
General Manager Bookings Co-Ordinator