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  • Non-Venomous Snakes of Australia (Archive Series)


    Non-Venomous Snakes of Australia
    This identification poster of common non-venomous snakes features 19 non venomous snakes  is 47cm x 73cm and printed on 150gsm gloss in Cmyk-full colour . It makes a great reference poster along side or Dangerous Snakes poster for school and rural settings.

  • Orchids of South Eastern Australia (Archive) Poster – Circa 1988


    Orchids of South Eastern Australia (Archive) Poster – Circa 1988
    This beautiful Orchid Poster (originally produced in 1988) has lovingly been restored and now available for those who enjoy time in the garden and like to identify common orchids.

    We provide a guide to common and scientific name to all species featured.  We also explain what is an orchid and give you a template for field study notes – ideal for schools and or environmental groups keen to collect data on local species.

    The poster is 47cm x 73cm and printed on 150gsm gloss Cmyk-full colour.

  • Gould League Penguins Poster

    Penguins Poster

  • Pondlife of Australia Poster (Archive)


    Pondlife of Australia Poster (Archive)

    This magnificent poster depicting Pondlife of Australia is circa 1987 and is Illustrated by Alexis Beckett. It is 47cm x 73cm in size and is printed on 150gsm gloss in Cmyk Full Colour.


  • Possums and Gliders Poster - Gould League

    Possums Poster

  • Rockpool Life Poster (Archive)


    Rookpool Life Poster (Archive). This beautiful poster depicting life found in rock pools is loving reproduced from archive stock.  Prints are 47cm x 73cm printed on 150mg full gloss stock. It’s a great feature for  classrooms or the beach house or beach themed home!

  • Gould League Seahorses and Sea-dragons poster

    Seahorses and Seadragons Poster


    Seahorses and Seadragons
    This concept of this poster came from Jody Plecas -one of the Gould League staff who’s personal mission was to have an amazing and unique animal like the sea dragon symbolise the need/desire/push for having marine environmental education available for every Child in Vic and indeed for the whole country.

    If you have ever had the privilege of seeing these remarkable creatures either in captivity or the wild, you will understand we need to protect them and ensure they are around for generations to come.

  • Sharks of Australia - Gould League Poster

    Sharks of Australia Poster

  • Southern Cassowary Poster


    Southern Cassowary Poster
    Of three species of Cassowaries in the world, only the Southern Cassowary (Casuarius Casuarius Johnsonii), is found in Australia. Like the emu and ostrich, the Southern Cassowary is a ratite, a large flightless bird with unusual feathers and other features that distinguish it from all other birds. The Southern Cassowary is a striking bird with glossy black plumage. The adult Southern Cassowary has a tall, brown casque or helmet on top of its head, a vivid blue and purple neck, long drooping red wattles and amber eyes. The purpose of the tall helmet or casque is unknown but it may indicate dominance and age, as it continues to grow throughout life. Recent research indicates it may also assist Cassowaries in “hearing” the low vibrating sound made by other Cassowaries. The casque is spongy inside, rather than bony, and may also act as a shock-absorber that protects the bird’s head when it pushes through dense thickets of rainforest and scrub.

    Newly-hatched chicks are striped dark brown and creamy white. After three to six months the stripes fade and the plumage changes to brown. As the young mature, the plumage darkens, the wattles and casque develop and the skin colour on the neck and wattles brighten. Cassowaries reach maturity at about three years of age.  On the back of this posters is an image of a mum and chick.  Children will enjoy colouring this in and learning all about this rare yet famous flightless bird!

    The poster is 420mm x 594mm printed on 150gsm Sovereign gloss in  Cmyk­ full colour on both sides.

  • Urban Birds of Southern Australia Poster (Archive) – No 1 in a Series


    Urban Birds of Southern Australia – No 1 in a Series. This popular poster depicting Urban Birds of Southern Australia poster is lovingly reproduced from archive stock. Prints are 47cm x 73cm printed on 150mg gloss stock in Cmyk – Full Colour.

    How many of these birds do you or your children know?  They are a great resource for schools or the whole family to learn it identify local birds.

    Artwork by Peter Trusler Circa 1974.

  • Gould League Wetland Birds Poster

    Wetland Birds Poster


    Wetlands Birds Poster
    Size 470 x 730

  • Gould League Whales Poster

    Whales Poster


    This magnificent posters come with interesting facts and stats on the back to enhance learning outcomes.

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    Worms Worms Worms Poster (Archive)

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    Worms Worms Worms Poster (Archive)
    A class room or preschool must for inquisitive minds.  Approx 470cm x 730cm

  • Yellow Footed Rock Wallaby (Endangered Species) Poster


    Yellow Footed Rock Wallaby (Endangered Species) Poster
    340 x 490

  • Young Australian Animals Poster - Gould League

    Young Australian Animals Poster